Improving your time # 1 To-Do list for everything

We live in the century of technology and extreme competition(not for long i hope) and we need to manage time in the best way possible. I want to share with you how i do it and what tools i like to use for managing my time. It isn’t a rule that amply to everyone, but you can get some pieces and do it in the best way for you.

As i start to study by myself, i find it very challenge to stay focus with all distractions that we have today. So i start study the best way of ….. study. Yes, it’s crazy how we think we know something and just a little read about it can change all your certainty.

The first thing i would recommend is: Do the Coursera course about Learn how to learn it can help you a lot! In this first post about Improving your time i want to share what i learned about how to learn effectively .

I gonna list the best techniques that i find useful to me, but do not forget, you can always find others techniques that fit best for you, i am sure if you do this course you gonna discover other insights that i do not mention here. My first advise for you is make a to-do list of things you need to do, here is some important things you may consider:

  1. To-Do List, make a list with your daily tasks, it will help you to see what is important and help you to give priority in which tasks you need to do first, i like to use this website.
  2. Check your list every day before you start and visualize what you gonna do in this day.
  3. Before a couple hours to sleep re – check your list and see what worked for you, maybe you are putting some important tasks aside or maybe you are trying to do more tasks that you are able to, and this takes us to the fourth item.
  4. Give priority to your tasks, and start from the higher priorities ones.
  5. Schedule daily and weekly tasks, some times i find that a daily task wasn’t done, and it’s OK just make sure it doesn’t happen very often, otherwise change your list scope.
  6. Make more than one list as it helps to classify your tasks even more. I have a study list, a blog list, a To-Do list, … a lot of F** lists for sure!

I think this six points are the most relevant ones, just one more tools that i like to share, i to use besides the list it self a list timer that allows me to control how much time i put in each task, and for that i am testing two websites:  Hours and Tracking Time.

So thats it for this first post about Time Improvement, i hope it can help you improve your time.




Author: Tiago Almeida

I am a Python / Django developer with passion about Data Science and Machine Learning.

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