Improving your time #2 – Pomodoro technique

Do you know that moment when you have to start some task and you think “I going to start it right after i read my twitter.” and when realize it you already pass three hours reading twitter, checking you emails and read all facebook notifications? This is very common symptom, specially when you task is not so pleasure, its called procrastination. It’s a real problem for who have deadlines and need to get things done, so i want to help you to avoid this.

One technique to avoid procrastination is the Pomodoro technique. Basically it consists to dedicate a determinate time to do a task, like 25 minutes and when you the times end you give your self a good recompense, something that gives you pleasure. When you do this you are training your brain to reduce that bad feeling when you have to start a unpleasant task, so next time it`s going to be easier to start it.

If your task is very unpleasant, you can make a deal with yourself and do the pomodoro  with 5 minutes, when it ends if you still stuck you can change to another task. This helps to you start a unpleasant task, and many times you are going to find that it wasn’t so bad as you think and maybe even when you realize it, the time pass and has been more than 20 minutes that you are in that task. The problem with unpleasant task is the start, after you start it, often it’s get easier and not so unpleasant.

So to conclude, to do the pomodoro technique you set a timer and focus in doing a unpleasant task for that time, after that time give yourself a very pleasure things, like go for a walk or check your facebook (not so pleasant for me, but it`s another role subject), or go play with your dog. When you have to do some very hard task put a timer for 5 minutes and if you don’t progress after it stop and change your task. Our brain is very complicated and we just need to comprehend it and not fight against it!

A last recommendation is the course from Coursera Learn How to Learn, it have many techniques and teach how to learn anything more effectively.


Author: Tiago Almeida

I am a Python / Django developer with passion about Data Science and Machine Learning.

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