How to start Django project with Pyenv

First things first….

You may are asking: “Why should i use a virtualenv ?”

That`s a good question, and the answer is easy:

You use a Virtual Environment for isolate all  your project dependencies. When your are developing a Django Project you may need some packages for a specific project and some other packages for other project, even a different version of django. With a Virtual Environment you certify that  only the dependencies of your project are installed and with the correct version of each one. You can have a project with Django 1.8 in a virtualenv and another project with Django 1.10 with out any problems. When we think about deployement its even better because you know which packages are needed for the specific project, with a simple pip freeze in terminal inside your VirtualEnv you can check all your packages, it really helps! So i hope at this point you already undestand why use a VirtualEnv. Continue reading “How to start Django project with Pyenv”


Ipython notebook

IPython is a tool to direct type Python commands on terminal

If you are learning Python or any other framework this tool can help you but it isn’t just for beginners, it helps a lot for test any idea and test any project that you are doing! Continue reading “Ipython notebook”